About Insurance HR Services (IHRS)

Professional HR support to help your business run smoothly

As an industry, Insurance has lagged in terms of getting their HR landscape truly fit for purpose. This is now recognized by the FCA and PRA, who are focusing more heavily on how staff are treated, how companies manage their workforce and how they lead the way to change.

The right HR partner can help you with developing your business strategy, making sure that you have the right people in the right places and they will make sure that whether your goal is to exit, grow organically, or acquire, that you do it in a way which will maximise the opportunities for you whilst you lead from the front.

Our partners at IHRS, understand both the importance of good human resources management and the burden that employment law and FCA regulation puts on firms of all sizes. That is why they specialise in developing solutions for our clients big and small. They will become your trusted HR business partner and advisor.

They can make sure that you have all the basics covered such as employment contracts and handbooks that work for you, and they can help build a recruitment and talent management strategy to match your goals and to reduce the risk of the negative impact that poor HR management practices can bring

With unique access to the HR Vault, you can directly download al the HR templates, policies and procedures that you need.

Our partners at IHRS have created unique flexible solution for growing your business, for the fraction of the cost of employing a dedicated HR person. The team at IHRS will take on the HR work you need, so that you can get on with what you do best, running and developing your business and your customer relationships.

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