Workshops and Live Webinars

We are delighted to run the first general insurance compliance workshops and live webinars in the UK that were accredited by our industry’s professional body, the Chartered Insurance Institute. The workshops and live webinars typically have three or four main sessions, led by an appropriate expert from the UKGI team, covering the latest regulatory hot topics.

The booking form for our next series of workshops live webinars is now available – see below for the details of the topics that will be covered, the learning objectives for each webinar and where to find the booking form.

For those of you who have not attended one of our workshops before, this is a great opportunity to

  • listen to expert speakers discussing compliance issues;
  • find out what these mean for your business; and
  • ask questions which will be followed up with you individually.

Please visit the Workshops and Webinars page of our Compliance Consultancy Services for more information about the format of these events.

If you would like to be added to the email notification list for details of dates, please click here or call us on 01925 765777.  You can also ring this number if you wish to discuss the content and objectives of any event in more detail, to help ensure it meets your requirements.

Our next events

Booking is now open for our Autumn 2020 Live Workshop Webinars

rfinance t ​We are pleased to let you know the dates and details for our CII accredited workshop webinars taking place this autumn.  We have taken the decision, in the interests of safety, to once again run the workshop as a series of webinars of between 30 and 40 minutes.  Each webinar will cover a different topic, as outlined below, will start at 2.00pm and will in total attract over two hours of structured CPD activity that can contribute towards your CPD targets.

£200 per delegate standard price* (Existing UKGI clients see below)

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Webinar Agenda

Webinar 1 – Tuesday 3rd November at 2pm
General insurance pricing practices

In this session we will be discussing the implications of the FCA’s recent Market Study final report MS18/1.3 in relation to general insurance pricing practices, and the associated Consultation Paper CP20/19.  FCA interim CEO Christopher Woolard has described the proposals as ‘probably [the] most radical shake-up of the general insurance industry in years’ and while the focus is on motor and household the potential implications for wider covers is clear.

Among other issues we will look at FCA’s proposals including non-differential renewal pricing,   enhanced product governance rules and measures to prevent insurance providers making it hard for consumers to stop a contract from auto-renewing and to make it easier for consumers to decline auto renewal for policies, both when they purchase and at renewal.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the key implications in relation to proposed changes to general insurance pricing practices
  • Describe the FCA’s intentions behind non-differential renewal pricing, enhanced product governance rules and the possible implications in relation to instalments.
  • Identify whether the proposed measures relating to auto-renewing will impact their business

Webinar 2 – Thursday 5th November at 2pm
General insurance value measures

In this session we will be looking at how the FCA’s Policy Statement PS20/9, relating to general insurance value measures, might impact firms.  Specifically, we will explore how the FCA’s additional value measures product governance rules (intended to ensure firms’ products offer fair value to customers) could impact distributors and brokers acting as co-manufacturers.  This session is complementary to Webinar 1 on pricing practices and we recommend firms attend both sessions to get maximum benefit.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the potential implications of the FCA’s proposed amendments to the product governance rules in relation to value measure
  • Identify whether these may impact the firm as either a distributor or co-manufacturer or both
  • Be aware of the link between value measures and pricing practices generally

Webinar session 3 – Tuesday 10th November
The latest guidance from the FCA in relation to customer vulnerability

In this session we will look at the FCA’s guidance consultation in relation to vulnerable customers and discuss what this guidance might mean for firms and the steps which firms can take to meet the requirements.  We will cover issues such as the circumstances which could lead to customers becoming vulnerable and the FCA’s four key drivers of vulnerability and look at practical consideration such as staff training and awareness, the customer journey and communications.

Linked to this is the issue of how firms communicate with clients in challenging times. Current circumstances are unprecedented, so this session will seek to discuss solutions to the current challenges and to help firms manage responsibilities.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Identify some circumstances which might lead to vulnerability
  • Describe the FCA’s drivers of vulnerability
  • Identify some practical measures to support vulnerable customers
  • Explain how to convey challenging messages in challenging times

Webinar session 4 – Thursday 12th November
Regulatory round-up

This is our usual regulatory round-up session looking at what else is current in regulation.  Among other topics, this will include the recent ‘Dear CEO’  letters relating to risk and CASS, information about the FCA’s RegData project, a quick look at the new financial services register, any impact on firms from the ban on motor finance discretionary commission models/changes to finance commission disclosure, the extension of the SM&CR deadline and a reminder about the information that will be required for the Directory.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the implications of the FCA’s recent ‘Dear CEO’ letters in relation to risk and CASS
  • Identify the issues relating to the FCA’s new financial services register, the FCA’s Connect requirements and the impact of the RegData project
  • Identify and remedy any issues relating to the SM&CR deadline extension and the requirements for the FCA Directory
  • Describe other key sector developments including FCA updates in relation to emerging sector issues and the FCA’s proposed amendments in relation to finance commission disclosure

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Webinar Learning Objectives

To support CPD, we include learning objectives for our workshops.

Overall objective for the workshop

By the end of the event delegates will be able to describe the implications of recent regulatory developments and any timescales for taking action.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us.

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  • 3rd November 2020
    5th November 2020
    10th November 2020
    12th November 2020
  • 2.00pm start
  • £200 per delegate standard price*

* Pricing

The price shown is the standard full price per delegate for the event.

Existing clients who have included delegate places within the package of services we provide to them will not need to pay anything for those pre-included places – when booking please use the Member Code that will be provided to you.  If those clients wish to book extra places they would benefit from a discount on the standard price for the extra places (a cost of £150 per additional place rather than the £200 per delegate standard price), the discount again accessed via that same Member Code.

Existing clients who have not included delegate places within the package of services we provide to them can book places and will also benefit from the same discount on the standard price for these places (£150 per place rather than the £200 per delegate standard price), that discount again accessed via the use of a Member Code.


These workshops and webinars qualify towards your CII member CPD scheme requirements and your FCA insurance distribution CPD requirements. Certificates will be emailed to delegates following each event.


The face-to-face workshops include pre-event refreshments on arrival, a refreshment break and lunch after the event, providing a great opportunity to network with other delegates.


Chartered Insurance Institute

Demonstrates the quality of the training provider’s course and confirms that it meets CII member CPD scheme requirements.

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