FCA publishes January board meeting minutes

The minutes from the FCA board meeting of 28 January have been published, following the customary four to six week delay.

Highlights of the meeting included a chief executive’s report, covering topics including:

  • The impact of Covid-19 and its impact on the regulator’s ongoing work
  • LCF & Connaught Independent Reviews (where board members were updated on constructive meetings between the FCA and independent reviewers to address the reviews’ recommendations
  • The FCA Perimeter report (update on a meeting with the Economic Secretary to the Treasury on this topic)
  • The FCA’s regulatory on-boarding of funeral plans (effective July 2022).

Other topics discussed included:

  • The findings of the Woolard Review of the unsecured credit market (where there was strong support for bringing BNPL providers under regulation)
  • The Future Regulatory Framework (FRF) and how the FCA can work with the Treasury and the Bank of England to ensure any FRF delivers an appropriate regime for users of financial services
  • The Financial Promotions Framework (where the limitations of the current regime were acknowledged and ongoing work to deliver a holistic financial promotions strategy was discussed).

You can see a PDF of the full four-page document by clicking here.

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