ICO launches toolkit for firms using data analytics on personal data

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a data analytics toolkit which it hopes will provide a valuable guide and support for firms intending to run data analytics on personal data. The toolkit aims to help organisations navigate the challenges AI systems may present in terms of individual data rights.

The ICO says it is vital that all data analytics activity has appropriate data protection built in from the ground up. 

As well as being a legal requirement, the ICO says, having data protection baked in is essential to gaining and maintaining public trust in your organisation’s approach to technology and how you use personal data.

The new ICO toolkit guides firms through some of the key data protection considerations they need to take account of at the outset of any project that involves data analysis on personal data.

The toolkit is part of a broader piece of work on the use of artificial intelligence (AI), a key priority currently for the ICO. 

Two other elements in this strand are the ICO’s guidance on Explaining decisions made with AI (produced in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute) and on How to ensure individual rights in AI. 

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