Advertising Standards Authority guidance – testimonials and endorsements

As part of its latest CAP Codes insights round-up e-mail, the ASA has provided guidance on the use of testimonials and endorsements in advertising.  The guidance can also be viewed from the perspective of using testimonials on a website, and aims to ensure that your promotions comply with the ASA’s advertising and promotions rules.  These rules align closely with the FCA’s requirement for communications to be clear, fair and not misleading.

Testimonials and endorsements are a popular, effective – and perfectly legitimate – method of promoting a product or service, but firms should take care to make sure that such claims, whoever they are made by, are accurate, capable of substantiation and unlikely to mislead. Here are seven key

Key points to note

The ASA has set out seven key tips to ensure the quotes from your clients are CAP Code compliant.

  1. Be able to demonstrate that your testimonials are genuine
  2. Obtain permission to use them in the form and context that they are being used
  3. Make sure they are relevant
  4. Make sure that adverts are set out as being adverts
  5. Avoid incentivising positive endorsements
  6. Be aware of restricted advertising categories
  7. Ensure that testimonials and their use comply generally with ASA CAP Code requirements

Testimonials and endorsements, and their use, should be captured within a firm’s financial promotions policies and processes, and noted on a financial promotions and communications register.  If you need any assistance with appropriate documentation, contact us for help.

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