FCA Covid-19 Impact Survey – Fifth round – Tranche 2

The FCA is set to issue the fifth round of its Covid-19 Impact Survey to firms within the Tranche 2 Supervision portfolios.

The survey is the same version that was issued to firms within Tranche 1 Supervision portfolios earlier this month; it will include the same 10 questions in total and completion of the survey is mandatory.

If your firm falls into one of the below portfolios it will receive the survey (unless specific exclusion criteria is satisfied):

  • Exchanges
  • Asset Management
  • Wholesale Brokers
  • Wholesale Banks
  • Principal Trading Firms
  • Wholesale (Other)
  • Life Third Party Administrators
  • Multilateral Trading Facilities and Organised Trading Facilities
  • Alternatives
  • Benchmarks
  • Claims Management
  • Lloyd’s & London Market Intermediaries
  • Mortgage Third Party Administrators
  • Lifetime Mortgage Providers
  • Debt Advice Firms (excl. not-for-profit)
  • Non-bank Lenders
  • Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Motor Finance Providers
  • Retail Finance Providers
  • Price Comparison Websites
  • Retail Mortgage Lenders

The survey will be sent to relevant firms, on one of the following dates:

Batch 1: to be sent on 23rd August 2021 – response due by 20th September 2021

Batch 2: to be sent on 24th August 2021 – response due by 21st September 2021

Batch 3: to be sent on 25th August 2021 – response due by 22nd September 2021

Batch 4: to be sent on 27th August 2021 – response due by 24th September 2021

A warm-up/introduction email from either FCA@fcanewsletters.org.uk or an @fca.org.uk email address will be sent at least 1 day prior to the survey and each firm will be emailed a unique link (which can be forwarded) to complete the survey online (not via RegData). The FCA expect that the survey will not take more than an hour to complete.


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