Struggling with RMAR?

According to research by the password management service, Nordpass, the average person has to remember between 70 and 80 passwords.

Unless you are using each password regularly, it is highly likely that you will forget a number of them from time to time, as the lack of repetition does not allow each password to become familiar.

Periodic processes don’t allow for repetition and as a result, completing infrequent tasks can be like completing them for the first time, every time.

For many firms, RMAR is an infrequent task that feels very unfamiliar each time it is due, which is a source of frustration as the Retail Mediation Activities Return, to use its full name, must be submitted by firms at least twice yearly based upon their accounting reference date.

The months between submission dates can often leave firms having to re-learn processes every time the return is due.

Furthermore, recent changes to RMAR further impact familiarity and may leave some firms in need of support to navigate through the process or more commonly leaving the task to their accountant and unfortunately what works for Company’s House reporting requirements doesn’t directly translate to working for RMAR purposes.

In recognition of these common struggles, UKGI has developed a suite of support mechanisms to help firms with RMAR. If you would like to know more, or if your firm would benefit from support and guidance in completing its RMAR, contact the team at UKGI today.

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